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That changed last month when a Venezuelan congressman accused him and his Barbados-based company, Postar. including Ultimas Noticias and El Universal newspapers. López said it would be perfectly legitimate for him to own a.

El Universal has been associated with the Venezuelan right for more than a century. It was sold a month and a half ago to the Spanish company Epalisticia. Since then it has been less critical of the Maduro government. After the sale, several.

Colombian newspaper El Universal notes that the ship appeared in a Cartagena port Sunday night and appeared to have documentation for all the cargo aboard. Its itinerary included a stop in Cartagena to deliver a shipment of tubes for a.

A 23-year-old man died from alcohol poisoning after chugging an entire bottle of tequila in a Dominican nightclub.

Local journalists suspect it in connections with mafia, charge it with ill-treatment of workers and performing the work unconscientiously “The Belarusian mafia” is the title of one of the articles dedicated by “El Universal” to this company.

That’s according to secret contracts published last month by the Mexican newspaper El Universal, showing deals made between. Aside from purchasing mobile phone surveillance technology, the Mexican Department of Defense, which.

José David Cabello, Ministry of Industry, announced on Monday via his Twitter account that steel mill, flat steel, billet, and dispatcher plants in state-run iron and steel company Sidor had been reactivated, following labor conflicts related to the.

MEXICO CITY – The chief executive of a Mexican oil services company at the center of a fraud investigation. In an interview published on Monday with the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam said.

Nokia is on track to deliver its part of the contract to build and operate Mexico’s wholesale network Red Compartida, reports El Universal, citing the Finnish company’s Latin America purchasing director Cladia Cimarelli and the.

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A new report published by El Universal investigation continues as to how involved the Mexican actress was with the drug lord. Not only had she had contact with him while he was a fugitive, but questions are arising if Del Castillo used money.

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For awhile. PDVSA owed service contractors $13.8 billion at the end of 2008, El Universal newspaper reported today, citing a year-end report sent to the country’s national assembly. * Schlumberger : The world’s largest oil service.

According to El Universal, Loyc Investments, LTD Co. and Allofe LTD Co. are companies engaged in the import of foods such as oats and brine, the second company imports tea bag paper, for their client Lagg’s Mexico, which is a.

Those questions have intensified as CNN Espanol and the major Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that Mexican officials are investigating whether Guzman invested funds in del Castillo’s tequila company. El Universal refers to an.

The newspaper El Universal reported in Sunday evening that relatives told. s Independence Monument on Sunday afternoon to demand his safe return. The Thingery, a co-op borrowing project, is coming to a neighbourhood. Days.

Back in third place, with 16 percent support ahead of the July 1 election, was Jose Antonio Meade, an ex-finance minister seeking the nomination of the ruling.

"Frida Sofia" had apparently said, "I’m thirsty, I’m okay. Please don’t take too long", Mexican newspaper El Universal reported on 21 September. But on Thursday night the navy confirmed the story of Frida was false and apologised for.

desalojan a 300 empleados http://t.co/Q8irNKdGk5 pic.twitter.com/CDoM8CDExy — El Universal (@El_Universal_Mx) April 1, 2015 Incendio en la plataforma Abkatun Alfa en Campeche, desalojan a 300 trabajadores.

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Sofocan fuego en plataforma de #Campeche; impacto a producción será leve http://t.co/iM2hIzb0Tk pic.twitter.com/bReLilRPeY — El Universal (@El_Universal_Mx) April 2, 2015 The cause of the fire was unclear, but.